Jacquelyn D. Golden, Ph.D. (a.k.a., Jackie Golden) is an author, motivational speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur who significantly influences the body of Christ and the marketplace. She promotes the benefits that come with the salvation package that Jesus gave – benefits available for all to freely receive. Often unaware of the instant impact of her words, this sought-after speaker is noted for sharing inspiring, life-changing revelations that flow from her without labor.

     Her unique style and delivery leaves a mark of understanding in such a way that those who sit under her teachings are able to recall the content, demonstrations, and live applications years after they receive from her. Because, Jackie makes complex concepts and principles so simple, individuals begin to seamlessly apply the principles in the moment they hear and receive understanding.

Her mission is to change lives one TRUTH at a time!

Endorsed by Sara Jordan-Powell | Saxophonist/Composer, Kirk Whalum | Dr. Yolanda Powell

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